SAVE - Save Animal Value Environment

Actively took part in the ” Pyaas Bhujao Doston”

Quench Thirst Campaign. To place water filled pots in every hook and corner of the city so that no animal is thirsty this summer and doesn’t die of the summer heat.

Designed posters, brochures and promoted the campaign on social media platforms and also invited the local media to the launch of the event.

Rescued animals from the streets and took them to a veterinary doctor and got them treated and took them to shelter, where they were taken care of.

Managed the medicine inventory for animals, which was basically sorting out expired and non–expired medicines.

We also had to get a stay order for the local people who were objecting to the feeding of stray dogs and also procured a ‘feeder card’ from AWBI for our chairperson so that we could continue to feed the stray dogs.




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