Adiona's uniquely scalable route planning and optimization engine uses new machine learning algorithms for the best enterprise-grade performance. The organisation provides businesses and people with seamless transportation of goods and services, by optimising routes using the combination of data science, AI, cloud technology and human skills to produce dynamic, real-time, decision support for mobility, transportation, logistics and fleet management.

My role was to create and deliver a digital marketing and content plan for Adiona based on the brief received from the client. Thorough research to get a complete understanding of the company's competitive landscape and capabilities has been facilitated through the creation of this digital strategy, to maximise the return on investment in terms of enriching the sales funnel and providing quality leads.

Understanding the current situation of the company, accompanied by a situation analysis of various critical factors. A thorough analysis of its direct competitors was carried out to understand the competitive landscape for Adiona and provide them effective solutions.




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